From Seattle to San Francisco and back! We made all 3 days of Macworld Expo 2011! We even walked the Nerd Carpet! See pix below!

Thursday, the first day of Macworld was the best! Die hard Mac aficionados, this was the crowd that lives and breathes all things Apple.

Within minutes of walking onto the trade show floor Thursday we were talking to people about the Mobile Pad Cloud…we didn’t have a booth but we carried the iPhone and iPad stands, talking to people interested an iPad and iPhone stand that’s good in bed.

Friday was sluggish in comparison to Thursday’s Macworld but we made our own trade show booth at the Darwin cafe outside Wired Magazine’s headquarters…we had quite a crowd at lunch!

Saturday seemed to bring out Tweens and Senior Citizens. Apple has won over Seniors with the iPad and the iPod Touch is a hit with the Tweens. The show really was the iPad show with generous doses of hip iPod Touch and iPhone accessories.

Macworld Expo 2011: Worst. Swag. Ever! But I did notice no free swag made people open their wallets and actually BUY stuff!

I loved all the small businesses on the trade show floor! Design and great ideas were everywhere!

Here are some of my favorites!

Dexim P-Flip Foldable Solar Power For iPhone 4/3GS/3G this solar charger folded small and would be perfect on vacation!

The Ektopad silicon cover from uzibull I LOVED this iPad cover! It’s squishy, and smart and would be great for people from 1 to 92 years old!

The Fling, a tactile joystick for the iPad This thing was so cool to watch in action. I can’t wait to check out the 115 games this iPad joystick works with!

The Pad Bracket will be so handy in the kitchen, or the office, or the garage or the bathroom for that matter! A simple bracket to hang your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch on the wall, you may need more than one!

PADX-1 LEDGE Wearcom™ pullover The Baby Bjorn for your baby iPad! If you travel it might be for you! Did you see what Daniel Tosh from Tosh 2.0 wrote about it? I won’t repeat it here, but quite a selling point!

We were very interested in the Joos orange portable solar power charger we love to travel and liked that this solar charger was fast and could charge much more than just our iPhones and iPod Touch. $129.95 with the JOOSMAC promo code through 02/28/2011

These CUTE Kawaii designer-usb-flash-drives had us at “Vintage Batman”

The Glif is what got us started on Kickstarter so we wanted to make darn sure we stopped and talked to the Glif guys! So smart and kind, they are taking grass roots design to the next level! iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand.

We also loved the PadPivot guys! Another Kickstarter group that inspired us! This stand is amazing for gaming! The design of the PadPivot is so smart to fold down into your pocket for gaming and tablets on the go! this link will take you the the PadPivot Kickstarter.

There are lots of mobile device skins out there but none with as many licensed images such as South Park and Sponge Bob as Music Skins. Almost like Fathead wall posters for you device, a removable vinyl skin, easy to take on and off. Music Skins for 15% off use promo code show11

For an artistic mobile device skin, Gelaskins can’t be beat! You can always get me with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan!

The iPad dock, SMK-Link PadDock10 iPad dock/stand is a simple design that could go from the office to the kitchen with your iPad and give it juice and speakers!

I would love to have a booth next year! Kickstarter pledges would give us a kickstart to get the coated, branded foam that will take us the the next level; into the Apple Store and beyond!

Mobile Pad Cloud

Walking the Nerd Carpet